An introduction to random matrices

Luca Guido Molinari

(preliminary drafts of notes)

Lecture Notes

LESSON 1: Beautiful theorems. Some special matrices. Distributions of eigenvalues of large random matrices (april 2018, revised JULY 2021)

LESSON 2: Hermitian 1-matrix models (From matrix elements to eigenvalues. Stieltjes, saddle point, orthogonal polynomials. GUE. Sine and Airy correlators. Tracy Widom. Topological expansion and diagram counting. (april 2018, revised april 2019).

LESSON 3: The Laplace-Beltrami operator for Hermitian matrices, Harish-Chandra formula (proofs by Brezin and Mehta), the 2-matrix model (bi-orthogonal polynomials, phase transition), 1-matrix model D=1 (may 2019).

LESSON 4: Ising model on planar graphs (may 2019)

LESSON: Tridiagonal matrices.

LESSON 5: Random surfaces, 2d quantum gravity, and random matrices.

Seminari degli allievi di dottorato, tesi di laurea

Tommaso Rossi: Teoremi di localizzazione spettrale. (laurea triennale, a.a. 2016/17)
Giovanni Stagnitto: Introduzione alla misura di Haar (7 march 2019)
Federico Faedo: Random surfaces applied (10 october 2019)
Vittorio Erba: Notes on the enumeration of RNA secondary structures by matrix models (23 october 2019)
Mauro Pastore: The QCD partition function and Chiral Random Matrices (28 march 2019)
Martina Toscani: How to use random matrix theory in the detection of gravitational waves (1 july 2020)

Random Matrices: Theory and Applications (a journal on RM)
Brunel-Bielefeld Workshop Random Matrix Theory and Applications

Books and lecture notes:
G.Akemann, J.Baik and Ph.Di Francesco, The Oxford Handbook of random matrix theory, Oxford Univ Press 2011.
Madan Lal Mehta, Random Matrices Eds. 1, 2, 3
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Pavel M. Bleher, Lectures on random matrix models. The Riemann Hilbert approach 84 pages (arxiv:0801.1858).
Terence Tao, Topics in random matrix theory (2012, printed by AMS).

(from 10 july 2020)