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  • DYRes: [1] S. Catani, G. Ferrera, D. de Florian, M. Grazzini, arXiv:1507.06937.; [2] G. Bozzi, S. Catani, G. Ferrera, D. de Florian, M. Grazzini, Phys. Lett.B 696 (2011) 207-213 arXiv:1007.2351,

    The DYRes program computes the cross section for vector boson production in pp or pp collisions. DYRes combines the calculation of the cross section up to next-to-next-to-leading order (NNLO) with the resummation of the logarithmically-enhanced contributions at small transverse momenta up to next-to-next-to-leading accuracy (NNLL) in QCD perturbation theory. The program includes Z-γ* interference, finite-width effects and the leptonic decay of the vector boson with the corresponding spin correlations. The calculation retains the full kinematics of the vector boson and of its decay products, allowing the user to apply arbitrary cuts on these final-state kinematical variables, and to plot the corresponding distributions in the form of bin histograms. The decay modes included are W→lν and Z/γ*→ll. When referring to this program, please quote Refs. [1,2] above.

    Download DYRes-v1.0 (see documentation)